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Before I begin, I just want to make it clear that I’m not trying to say that DigitalOcean is better than AWS, I know that its API is nowhere near Amazon, but I realized that there is a lot of AWS users that don’t use most of its features, sometimes not even 10% of what they offer, for this reason I decided to write this post and present this alternative that may be a better option for a lot of people.

It has been a few months now since I started using DigitalOcean, at first when I was deciding which service to use my intention was to use AWS, since it is a major cloud computing services provider having a great variety of services I thought it would be the best option for me, but then I had some problems with it (with the technical support more specifically), for this reason I started looking for some alternatives, after searching a little bit I found several options, but one that caught my attention was DigitalOcean, firstly because of its simplicity, it’s really very easy and fast to set up a server(it takes less than a minute), and secondly because of the prices, they show the monthly price instead of hourly, and some of the plans are cheaper than its Amazon EC2 equivalents (Depending on the region), and you even get $10 free credit when you sign up. Of course it doesn’t offer as many features as AWS does, but since you’re not running extremely large and heavy applications you should probably be ok, you won’t need these advanced features.

DigitalOcean uses only SSD hard drives drastically increasing its performance, it also has data centers all over the world, and it offers you the possibility to choose the location that suits you the most, you can also transfer your droplet from one location to another if you like. One of the its best advantages is scalability, at first you can start with the most basic and cheap plan, then as your demand increases you can easily upgrade your plan to meet your new demands.

During these first few months I can say that my server was available more than 99% of the time, there were only two occasions when it was down for maintenance, but it was really quick, and they sent me an e-mail notifying me about it.

Overall DigitalOcean is an excellent server, I’ve seen a lot of people saying the same thing, if you read some reviews you see that the great majority of them are good, so if you are looking for a server to host your applications I thing DigitalOcean really deserves a shot.

For more information visit the DigitalOcean Official Site.

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